The most common form of an abdominal wall hernia is the so-called epigastric hernia, which occurs in the centre line between the sternum and the navel, the so-called epigastrium. This results out of a weakness in the centre line of the abdominal wall, between the two rectus abdominis muscles, the so-called Linea alba. An epigastric hernia, just like an inguinal hernia, is caused by a pressure increase in the abdominal area, for example because of a prostate enlargement, chronic bronchitis, adiposis and dropsy (Ascites). Pregnancy is the most common course for hernias among women. The epigastric hernia makes up 5 percent of all hernias.

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How is an abdominal wall hernia diagnosed?

The diagnosis is made using ultrasound, similar to an inguinal hernia. Especially, the dynamic ultrasonography is of great importance.

How is the epigastric hernia treated?

A surgical therapy is chosen in fields of an epigastric hernia. Similar to the inguinal hernia, the principle of the tailored approach is the first choice, that means a surgical technic adapted to the individual needs of the patients. Therefore, in most cases of the size of the hernia orifice (1 to 2 cm) a mesh is not needed.

Larger defects over 2 cm require the use of a patch, in order to prevent a reoccurrence of the hernia. We execute the so-called PEMP-Repair.

Even the operation of these hernias can take place under a local anaesthetic in combination with sedation. This operation is an outpatient surgery, only in cases of larger hernias a hospital treatment is recommended.


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Umbilical hernia operated on perfectly, quickly and highly professionally

Here, a patient is always also a human being. An operation is never nice, but if a hernia operation, then only with Dr. Muschaweck and her team. Fast appointment, quick examination and a perfect operation with a loving aftercare. Thank you very much.

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