Unfortunately, chronic pains in the groin area can occur after an inguinal hernia surgery. These pains can appear after an open surgery with or without mesh and as well after laparoscopic surgery, such as TAPP and TEP.

Dr. Muschaweck tailored a technique, the so-called IONR (Intra-operative-nerve-response), which is made for patients with chronic groin pain. With this technique, it is possible to locate the pain point and eliminate it. Almost always, a removal of the mesh is necessary. This is only possible after the open mesh repair and most difficult and very often not possible after a laparoscopic repair. In this case, it is possible to locate the affected nerve, which is irritated by the displaced mesh and thereby eliminate the cause of pain.

The IONR technique made it possible, to eliminate the chronic pain in 98 percent of all cases – referring to patients who suffered chronic groin pain after an inguinal hernia surgery.

Prior to operation, an additional neurological examination is necessary.



American College of Svrgeons
European Hernia Society
Deutsche Hernien Gesellschaft
Deutschen Gesellschaft für Allgemein- und Viszeralchirurgie.
American Hernia Society

Reviews of Dr. Ulrike Muschaweck, specialist for the treatment of hernias

Absolutely competent and very empathetic and committed doctor.

I was glad that Doctor Ulrike Muschaweck was able to give me an appointment for surgery so quickly in my predicament, despite her very busy schedule.

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Umbilical hernia operated on perfectly, quickly and highly professionally

Here, a patient is always also a human being. An operation is never nice, but if a hernia operation, then only with Dr. Muschaweck and her team. Fast appointment, quick examination and a perfect operation with a loving aftercare. Thank you very much.

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