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Umbilical hernia – individual treatment from Dr. Ulrike Muschaweck

An umbilical hernia can be congenital or even acquired. It is easy to recognize this kind of hernia because even in cases of a small hernia, the so-called funnel shape of the navel does not longer exist and a protrusion of the navel occurs. If the umbilical hernia gets bigger, then a thinning of the skin, which covers the navel, can appear. The thinned skin can also have a bluish discoloration. In this case, the indication for an operation is immediately given.

Possible causes for an umbilical hernia

The umbilical hernia can be congenital or can occur in the course of life. Causes are, as in the case of an epigastric hernia, an increased pressure in the abdominal area caused by chronic constipation, diverticulosis, dropsy (ascites), prostate enlargement. The most common course by women is pregnancy.

Surgical procedure

Surgery can be performed under local anesthesia in combination with analgosedation. The monitoring is the mission of our experienced surgical staff. The surgical technique is performed according to the tailored approach, that means a surgical technique which is tailored to the findings and the patient.

Smaller hernias can be performed without using a mesh. If the size of the hernial orifice is higher than 2 cm, mesh-repair has to be performed in order to prevent a recurring hernia. In cases of a mesh, we execute the so-called PUMP technique.

Physical stress is allowed after the operation, a rest is not necessary. Only in cases of larger hernias, an inpatient-stay is required.

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